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Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The Surgic Team met with Dr. Catherine Ronaghan to discuss what properties make a good medical suture training device.


What is a suture and why/when is it necessary?

If you've ever had an accident in which you had a cut or laceration large enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room the odds are that you left with a suture or two. If not, count your blessings! A suture is a term that refers to a specific technique for closing a wound and also the individual stitches involved in the would closure. Stitches are used in a wide variety of medical treatment and are typically introduced at an early stage of medical education. The goal of stitching the layers of skin together it to help close the wound, keep the inside of the wound clean, and encourage the edges of the would to fuse back together.


The threads, needle, and tools used in suturing are highly specialized.


What is a suture training device?

A suture training device, commonly known referred too as a "suture pad", is a desktop tool that is commonly used by medical and veterinary students to practice their suturing technique. Suture pads are produced and sold in a variety of specifications and configurations. In most cases, suture pads are made from multilayered silicone that resembles the properties of human skin. In some cases, suture pads are made to reflect organs or specific body parts.


Suturing is all about the technique.


Multilayered silicone suture pads provide the most realism.


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